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For the selection of adaptation options for an adaptation program, strategy or action plan a ranking based on different criteria could be used (Multi-Criteria analysis). An example for the ranking of adaptation options for the Netherlands can be downloaded here. The xls-file includes options for different sectors, e.g. water, agriculture, energy & transport. The ranking can be done via an ordering or weighting of the following five criteria: importance, urgency, no regret, ancillary effect and mitigation effect. The file is an example from the Dutch Routeplanner project on how adaption options can be ranked according to different priorities.

If you have any further questions, please contact: Ekko van Ierland,

Further information:

E.C. van Ierland, K. de Bruin, R.B. Dellink and A. Ruijs (2007). A qualitative assessment of climate change adaptation options and some estimates of adaptation costs. Routeplanner naar een klimaatbestendig Nederland Adaptatiestrategiën. Wageningen.

De Bruin, K., Dellink, R.B.,  Ruijs, A., Bolwidt, L., Van Buuren, A., Graveland, J.,  De Groot, R.S., Kuikman, P.J., Reinhard, S., Roetter, R.P., Tassone, V.C., Verhagen, A., Van Ierland, E.C., Adapting to climate change in the Netherlands: An inventory of climate adaptation options and ranking of alternatives,  Climatic Change, 2009, Volume 95, Issue 1-2, July 2009, Pages 23-45.