Climate change impacts are increasing and becoming widespread. Decision makers need adequate support tools to inform about climate change adaptation actions.

Assessments of adaptation actions can provide valuable information on the value, efficiency and feasibility of adaptation projects and strategies.

This toolbox provides easy accessible information on the economic assessment of adaptation.


Are you interested in implementing or evaluating a specific policy or project?

The five policies or areas are describing political situations from the perspective of the end user. Each situation is one that requires an economic analysis of potential adaptation activities. Options vary from policy related decisions (i.e. Disaster Risk Management) to appraisals and evaluations of policies or projects (i.e. Project Appraisal).


Are you interested in a specific economic method to evaluate your adaptation activity?

These are tools to support decision makers in selecting, comparing and choosing which policy op-tions or projects should be recommended or not from an economic perspective for their particular situation.


Are you interested in practical examples and methodological developments?

Throughout the ECONADAPT project, 41 insights were developed. They describe the implementation of improved methods in different adaptation contexts and provide practical information on the ap-plication and implementation of different options.


Are you interested in concrete cost and benefit estimates?

In the ECONADAPT project, cost and benefit values for 17 adaptation measures were reviewed and are summarized in the data repository. These estimates can be applied to similar contexts in order to assess your own adaptation actions.